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The Diary of a Nobody

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The Diary of a Nobody (1892) by George Grossmith (1847-1912) and Weedon Grossmith (1854-1919) is an English comic novel and “begins on 3 April of an unstated year, presumably 1888, and runs for approximately 15 months. In a short prologue, readers are informed that Charles Pooter and his wife Caroline (Carrie) have just moved to a new home at "The Laurels", Brickfield Terrace, Holloway. Mr Pooter is a City of London clerk with Perkupps, possibly an accountancy or private banking firm (though their business is not explicitly stated). The couple have a 20-year-old son, Willie, who works as a bank clerk in Oldham. The first entries describe the Pooters' daily lives, and introduce their particular friends; these include the neighbour Gowing, the enthusiastic bicyclist Cummings, and the Jameses from Sutton. From the beginning a pattern is set whereby the small vexations of the Pooters' daily lives are recounted, many of them arising from Pooter's unconscious self-importance and pomposity. Trouble with servants, tradesmen and office juniors, together with minor social embarrassments and humiliations, occur regularly. Among other domestic disasters, in a creative frenzy Pooter paints everything in the house with red enamel paint, including his bath. As he lies soaking, the paint dissolves; Pooter imagines that he is bleeding to death and will be discovered "looking like a second Marat" before he sheepishly recognises the source of the problem.” (Citation from Wikipedia: The free Encyclopaedia)

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