Our Story

Our story began with an image of a mermaid. A mermaid is a mythological being of a beautiful woman with long flowing hair and a fishtail below the waist.

The mythological stories of enchantment from the sailor's vision of seeing mermaids appear out of the deep sea have been told for centuries, passed along through generations, and captivated our imaginations in folkloric tales worldwide. Every culture has its way of telling the story. It was timeless and a classic, which inspired our name Mermaids Publishing and our imprint Mermaids Classics.

We want to capture the myth, magic, and folkloric tales of stories told a long time ago in classical tales. Stories that we love as they deal with universal themes that existed long ago and are still relevant today, for they have stood the test of time. We publish what we love, and that is some of the greatest English literature told many years ago, and that has stood the test of time today.