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Energy Intelligence

Energy Intelligence

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Bronze Medal Winner, eLit Book Awards 2011 Inspirational/Spiritual

'eLit Awards are a global awards program committed to illuminating and honoring the very best of English language digital publishing entertainment'.

A mysterious force operates at the unseen spiritual level of your world. Everything is made up of this force. Discover the universe's spiritual mysteries, empower yourself, and take control of your life.

Learn how to:

  • Empower yourself with a positive outlook
  • Use your thoughts, emotions, words and actions effectively
  • Clarify your goals and higher purpose
  • Re-design your life
  • Create a step-by-step action plan towards your goals
  • Use these methods to claim what you want and deserve out of life
  • Gain a greater understanding of yourself and others.

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'Energy Intelligence is a one-stop shop in spiritual publishing covering the major modern ideas in this field and adding new initiatives, as well as providing practical simple guides on how to employ these unique concepts to achieve greater spiritual enlightenment, resulting in satisfaction with and improvement to lifestyles across the board. Her concepts are unique and could have quite an impact on ways of viewing meditational process, psychology and more importantly, human life'.

Tom Flood - Award Winning Author
Miles Franklin Award and Australian / Vogel Literary Award


'Zaric has managed to cover a lot of ground in this spiritual self empowerment manual. From the very first chapter on "The Power of your Belief System" through to "Universal Laws that will transform your life'", to "Mapping Your Gateways to any Destination" right through to "Entering and exiting other Dimensions"... it's all here. If you're looking for a road map on your journey to awakening, this could be it.' - Inner Self Magazine

'In Energy Intelligence, Aleksandra offers a refreshingly unique path for busy people seeking spiritual nourishment enabling them to achieve their goals without stopping what they are doing' - The Art of Healing Magazine

'...the book is an absolute gem'! - Ian Harris, Managing Editor, The Veritas Magazine

Foxtel Lifestyle You Channel Reviewers:

'It was insightful and very uplifting. I already read and practice this books message and now I have further knowledge on how to better my life and those around me'. - Caroline, Riverston NSW

'Reading this book has allowed me to really explore the conscious and sub-consciuos mind. Understand how powerful both can be in living a happer life and letting go of the things that are holding me back. I believe you need to understand yourself intimately before you can really know where you're headed and achieve your goals and happiness. This book provided me with the understanding and skills to unlock the power of my thoughts and body. Very good book. One I would like to read again'. - Jennifer, Clifton Springs VIC

'I loved this book, so very helpful and easy to understand. I keep coming back for more inspiration, - a wonderful uplifting read'! - Margi, Rasmussen QLD

'Energy Intelligence is inspirational, spiritual, interactive and practical. This novel has taught me how to focus on positive energy and how to steer away negative energy with exercises throughout the book. This novel has shown me to take charge of my destiny to happiness, and how to achieve my goals both at work and in my personal life by focusing on happy thoughts and positive energy'. - Effie, Oakleigh South VIC

'I really enjoyed reading this book although I think I will benefit more by reading it a second and third time. I think you get more out of it if you are totally relaxed and not stressed out when you are reading the book. I found it very easy to ready and follow'. - Gildat, Lower Templestowe VIC

'Found this book to be VERY uplifting and allowed my mind to open to new ideas and thoughts. Putting things into practice will be my next goal and having the book at home will mean I can easily refer to it for guidance'. - Kathryn, Sailisbury Park SA

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